Genius hour project

Most people think this is cheating on a game but it is not cheating.  I used a modded account before this one is really cool to use  a mod menu. I have a PS4 i don’t mod on there or i an’t mod on PS4 i wish i could. I want to make more mods on our website i am still trying to get the web site link i might put it in  me and kaedon make mods for ps3 witch is fun to do  with a friend. I will be putting more mods on the site next week please go and check out our website that we made. We want to do more games but it takes a big USB to do take it cost a lot of money to get one.maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Genius Hour Project

My Project is coming along pretty good. I almost have my mod menu done it is cool. I want to make one on my own but is really hard. It is fun to do stuff on the computer and a USB drive. We got one mod menu on are website It is a GTA5 mod menu. I want to make more than one mod menu i got my friends on PS3 to help me and i got a friend from school to help me to. I need a computer to do this so that’s why i have my friend help me with it. I also want to learn how to make a website with an online store so we can sell the mod menus we are giving them away right now but later we will make them $5:00. I hope our website turns out to be a really good tutorial for the mods.maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Iowa lakes Community College

I went to iowa lakes community college for the first time it was cool. It was cool we did some cool activities we made a fruit pizza and we played with stuff and we did some experiments. I think this college is a good college to go to for auto mechanics and testing a lot of this. If you ever want to go to a nice and hand’s on college go to Iowa lakes community college.  I expected the college to be nice and fancy it was kind of fancy. If you wanted to go their for mechanics you would have to take 2 years of welding and 4 years of auto tech. The college that i want to go to after the college vist  is Iowa lakes community college it was a really nice college to get a education. They have a lot of other things besides auto tech. They have child care projects they make a whole bunch of things and think from a baby’s point of view. They also have a baking class where you bake and test what you just made. They also have a farm where they raise cattle such as pigs and cows. The farmes tought us a lot of stuff to do.


Genius Hour Project

My genius hour project is to create a mod menu for black ops 1. A mod menu is a USB that you plug in to your console. This my first time creating a mod menu i think it will be cool to use one and make one at that. It take’s a lot of time to make a mod menu for more detailed games shooting games are the easiest to make a mod menu on. A PC will be way easier to mod on than a console. Modding old games is  easier you wont have a high chance to get banned from online. My friend kaedon is going to help me make a mod than i’m gonna take over the mod menu. I want to start to get into modding on my ps3 . I will help any person online that need’s help on the game. I will like the mod menu for me and all my fellow online users. I really wanted to do a mod menu for a couple of years now i finally get to make a mod menu.maxresdefault


This summer i plan on going camping and fishing. Me and my family go camping every year we go to different places and travel a lot. I like to go fishing in any spots i Prefer my pond that i go to  it has big fish in it. I also will be playing a little video games over the summer. I might be going to red rock or little wall lake. I have a john boat i take out and go fishing when my family is sleeping. The lake is so peace full in the morning and also the best time to catch fish. I might go bow fishing i have never tried it before it looks so cool when you shoot the arrow. I’m gonna get a Honda four wheeler i have a broke down four wheeler that w e just sold to our friend across the street. I want to go hunting this summer i have a bow to hunt i barley go hunting i love fishing more than hunting. I’m also gonna go to Des Monies  to see my uncle and go to garvis  Honda. I think this summer will be the beast summer of  all time.JonBoat

Week 10

I did 7 blogs of my own. I did 2 blogs of my own i did not do any for the school yet. I have gotten 2 or more comments  on a post. The post that had the most comments was the one about the flooding. Why it happened i have no clue how it happened. The post about the flooding. It was a cool blog to do and a lot to talk about when it come’s to flooding. I did not change any themes to my blogs i don’t know how to. About 2 people read my blog oversea’s. I read about 3 to 4 blogs that are over sea’s. I used bitmoji to create my avatar.


imagesThe  thing that im talking about is. Flooding it happens all the time ever day and ever were. People try to stop the flooding by putting up sand bags. They put wood and barriers. I have never experienced a  flooding in my life. I think it would be scary to be in a huge flood. I know some people that experienced some flooding. People all over the country get flooded ever year it mostly happens in the summer or anytime. The most country’s that are flooded  are India, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malawi. I would help the people that get flooded and that have no food and water.

There are cars getting over filed with water and same with trucks and semi trucks as well. Trees and bushes are all over the place. People use boats and helicopter to escape the flooding  people are stranded on their roofs or some are suck inside. There are different types of flooding, tsunami and some others. A person by a ocean or near a body’s of lakes will most likely to be in a flood or a tsunami. The most common type of flooding is tsunami and then it is flooding it happens to people all over. No region is safe to flooding all 50 states are subjects to flash flooding. A car can be taken away in about 2 feet of water. Flash floods can bring water walls up to 10 and 20 feet high.

People have a lot of problems with flooding  in there area. That’s why some people leave there country or state. Flooding is caused by a spring thawing and heavy rain and snow melts and a lot of runoffs. What people bring we it floods is, Flash light, MRE’s ,Water and extra batteries for there flash lights. Communities partially in the down area’s will most likely to get flooded down streams .                 https://www.dosomething.orgapxaris

Meeting new people

His blog is about. He likes to race dirt bikes and weld.


His blog was a scary video with music.


He likes cool cars and trucks

I visited 7 others. People that have the same hobby as me. A lot of them liked dirt bikes and welding and others.  I like to ride dirt bikes and four wheeler’s . I like to hunt and fish I won a tournament. When i went to see people i saw some one with a tournament when they went fishinng.



photo by: pixabay
photo by: pixabay


Every one likes a good hamburger. People put a lot of things on a hamburger. People like them without buns or with buns. They put a lot of toppings like ,lettuce tomato,  pickle ,cheese, patty ,onion and a bun to go on top of all of that. I like to go to zombie burger in des moines. I tried the walking ched it was a fried bun with mac n cheese in it. I also like my dad’s burgers he home makes them out of meat.

Adventure land!!!!

By: Roger Blake
By: Roger Blake

Adventure land Trip!!!!!!

When i went Adventure land we rode this ride. The ride did a 360 upside down spin. The ride was called the Alton tower it spit out water out the bottom. The handle would get slick and hands would slip off. It felt like you were gonna fall off the ride. There where two rows of seats. People screamed and a lot and people threw up after the ride was over.I liked the ride a I was hanging on so tite my hands got sweaty and they were off the bars. It felt like i was gonna fall off the ride. I was so scared but i used my feet against the steel at the bottom. My brothers were crying after the ride. I thought the ride was cool and wet and slick. It felt like i  was gonna  die at that ride. I never rode that ride again.


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